We currently offer an Associates, Bachelors and Masters program. In every program, students are challenged to develop a relationship of intimacy with God as they grow to maturity in Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The curriculums are designed to develop competence in hermeneutics, biblical studies, church history, and theology as well as ministry areas encompassing preaching, teaching, worship, pastoral care, counseling, spiritual formation, missions, evangelism, and church administration.


Associate in Christian Ministry


During this program you will be enriched with a prospectus of courses that are designed to introduce you to the basis of Christian Ministry. Students will be given a foundation in how to properly study the Bible, Spiritual Life, Christian Leadership, Counseling, how the Bible was translated, Spiritual Warfare, the Art and Science of Preaching, how to teach the Bible, as well as how to plant a Church.


Bachelor in Christian Ministry/Theology


Upon entry into this Program, you will be guided to partake in an in depth study of a broad arena  of

biblical, theological, and Christian courses. By design, the curriculum is geared to challenge each individual to their earnest potential. Each student will have the opportunity to enlarge their territory of knowledge in the distinct areas of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, History of the Bible, Christian Beliefs, Christian ethics, Church Administration, Proper Interpretation of Scripture, Pastoral Counseling, Developing Spiritual Gifts, Woman in the Church as well as a host of many other required courses.



Master in Theology


This program is designed to enhance your Bible knowledge, theology, ministry, and critical-thinking skills in a supportive community of students and scholars.  Through coursework, scholarly research, and logical, critical writing, the program will provide advanced preparation for those called to service in theological education.



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